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Post  Angel_Stankov on Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:27 pm

Okay guys, both Blazed and I are glad you're all a part of the guild. But, rules are a part of everything. I trust all of you can follow these simple rules, as they're not things you can't help.

Rule 1: No profanity. Remember, there are kids on the server that could just as much join our guild. Let's set a good example!
Rule 2: No pornography. Again, set a good example for the kids. Exploiting them at a early age to sexual references and sexual situations can take away their innocence. Just think that if the girl/boy in that video were your daughter\son!
Rule 3: Respect staff. No exceptions. As soon as you are kicked out of the guild, you're banned from the forum.
Rule 4: No asking for account information, unless it is agreed upon by staff members. Don't ask for account information or give it.
Rule 5: Do not flood the in game guild chat or the guild chat box.
Rule 6: Be friendly. Fights are unavoidable with large groups of people but please respect your fellow member. We're on the same team.


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